Tarot readings

Effective questioning

The art of Tarot reading is very subtle and has a lot to do with using the right tools for the right situations.
– How can I improve my finances? is a very good question, though another way to ask the question might be:
– What does stop me from having healthy finances?
Asking the right and specific questions is key to solving problems. Different kind of spread correspond to different kind of questions.

It is possible to do readings through Skype, to arrange a meeting or with a phone call.

The Tarot spreads or readings

1) The Twelve houses Spread, look forward, what is coming into your life

This spread is a very old divinatory way. The cards are laid in a circle representing the twelve astrological houses, starting from 1 to 12. The cards are turned right away. If a major arcana card is turned then another card come on top of it, in the same house. The process is repeated until the top card isn’t a major arcana card any more, then we proceed to the next house until all houses are filled.

2) The 9 cards divinatory spread

This spread combine past, present, future with subconscious, conscious and higher self.
Questions about / energy surrounding

  • Choices
  • Important decisions
  • Get along with or resolving and improvement
  • To find a way or insight

3) The 4 cards spread

This spread is very useful with practical situations, to get to the heart of matter.
Questions about / energy surrounding

  • Practical solutions
  • Circumstances
  • What will happen if…
  • Why is this in my life…

Numbers, Tarot, Kabbalah

Quick history…

It seems that nobody created the Tarot de Marseille, one thing is certain, it is very old. I am tempted to say that modern Tarot decks are an emanation of the Tarot de Marseille. Is the Marseille Tarot is the origin of Tarot ?

There is no actual facts about the Tarot and its creation, only hints of information. Some source are saying: the Tarot de Marseille comes from the first century, which I tend to believe, thought the Tarot de Marseille could be even older. I do believe that it has been created to bridge some of the art of astrology into a more accessible medium. Not to forget that astrology is a very old craft but also very difficult without computers.

Many symbols from the Tarot are coming from different religion. Therefore the Tarot has to originate from a time where religion were not segregated, but instead, helped each other to build the foundations of modern society.

I would imagine that it is the very essence of the Tarot de Marseille, to create itself within itself, but, as much as this idea is seducing, the world does not work with spontaneous creations (even thought some religion would have you believe).

Arithmetic or Numerology?

Numbers are playing a very important role in our universe and likewise in the Tarot. The universe is not measurable but since we identify everything with numbers, numbers became part of the human experience.

To put it unto another perspective, numbers are as old as 35’000-20’000 BC, some evidences were found in Africa.

The world’s oldest known measuring device: ‘the Lebombo bone’

Numbers are another language that transcend understanding to a universal expression. It is indeed very powerful and old.

Numbers in the Tarot de Marseille

Numbers are playing a very important role in our universe and likewise in the Tarot. The universe is not measurable but since we identify everything with numbers, numbers became part of the human experience. Because nobody can understand the unmeasurable it was very natural to identify all natural laws with numbers. This helped civilisation to extricate ourselves from the natural order and to elevate further as an evolved specie.

On the evolution scale, mathematics are the only way to move forward, from the Nomadic ways of the hunters and gatherers to the modern city folk, we keep evolution going on the edge of numbers with the digital age and technology.


From the beginning of written history (over 4000 years ago) to perhaps the mid 7th century, we can find traces of the Chaldean numerology also known as mystic numerology. This comes from the cradle of civilization, the Chaldean were settlers who arrived in the 10th century BC in Mesopotamia.  Chaldeans or the Chaldees were Semitic; meaning descendants of Shem, one of Noah’s three sons.

We can see that planning, preparing for the future is and was very important to human beings. Inherently future foretelling is uniquely human as no other species are worrying about tomorrow nor do they really care about their own expectations.

It was natural for numbers to become relevant in the foretelling of the future but also to become a dimension on their own. There is a parallel between life’s dimension and the mathematical universe. This dimension can be easily explored with the Tarot de Marseille. 

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Name analyse

The symbolic in your name.

Using the convergence table it is possible to analyse names and birthdate, to find your core numbers. The analyse can be used for individuals as well as for businesses, anything that is uniquely named. For businesses, the day of registration to the chamber of commerce is used as a birthdate. (also possible the first opening day)

The core numbers represent the energy and forces manifested in your life. Those forces are not always obvious while reading a natal horoscope. In a way, the natal chart is a passive baseline and the Tarot reflects the more active side of life, something a chart progression cannot do. Names have a special resonance or place within reality. The Tarot is called esoteric science because it unveil the invisible factors from within, the dynamics of existence.

Life Path and Shadow Teacher numbers.

The first number relevant to the analyse is the Life Path number.
This number is calculated by adding the birth day + month + Year.
Chloe Morgan.Com was registered to the chamber of commerce the 6 June 2016.

( 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9 | 9 + 6 = 15 | 15 + 6 = 21 )
21 correspond to Pisces (universal oneness) and the twelve house (spirituality), ruled by Neptune (psychic attunement, esoterism), a very spiritual energy.
I registered to the chamber of commerce without consulting the Tarot first, but nonetheless the forces behind my intentions did manifest truly within the scope of my desires. This illustrate very well how the universe is working. Though the question is always asked, what do you really intend to manifest, what do your truly desire?.

The point being, sometime we honestly believe we want to manifest something but we unconsciously sabotage ourselves with other desires, manifesting not so desirable conditions. ‘To know thyself’.

The core numbers are :

  • Life Path – Birthdate
  • The Shadow Teacher – In the life path, a hidden factor
  • Destiny Number – All the letters of a name
  • Soul Longing Number – All the vowel of a name
  • Personality Number – All the consonant of a name

The core numbers are the representation of your desires, known and unknown to you. They will represent the real manifestation, on the material plane, of your true intent. I studied naming for a very long time. Changing name will change life’s condition around it. Naming what you care about has great impact, specially with people and businesses, thread carefully.

Convergence table

Hebrew language, western culture and esoterism

Sounds have unparalleled properties and tend to give life. As soon as anything is named, it becomes a living entity.

Since the beginning of time, religion has been very influential in the foundation of civilisations. Our brain is flourished by vivid images of all mythologies, stories and prophets. Those powerful archetypes are rooted in our conscious and subconscious, but the expression of those archetype has changed in modern society.

Nevertheless the primal energies of all archetypes are still expressed throughout daily life. It is a natural law that is unchangeable and permeate all things.

Similar vibrations have converging qualities.
There is a deep connection between the base of language, religion and the universe. Archetypal meanings and symbols are woven into sound, even in modern languages. A name is therefore a true manifestation of universal energy. It is impalpable yet true.
Here is a table of relations between numbers, alphabet, Tarot and astrology.

Number Hebrew letter Alphabet letter Tarot Card Planet or Zodiac sign
1 א A
– Sun –
2 ב B
– Moon –
3 ג C,G
– Jupiter –
4 ד D
– Uranus –
5 ה E,H
– Mercury –
6 ו U,V,W
– Venus –
7 ז Z
– Mars –
8 ח F
House of influence
– Saturn –
9 ט
– Neptune –
10 י I,J,Y
– Virgo –
11 כ K
– Leo –
12 ל L
– Taurus –
13 מ M
– Scorpion –
14 נ N
– Libra –
15 ס X
– Aries –
16 ע O
– Sagittarius –
17 פ F,P
– Aquarius –
18 צ
– Cancer –
19 ק Q
– Gemini –
20 ר R
– Capricorn –
21 ש S
– Pisces –
22/0 ת T
Mark, Sign, Cross
– Pluto –

Thank you for your reading.
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Demystifying the Tarot, the science of analogy

The Tarot rule of analogy 

Symbolism in the Tarot is everywhere; It represents every archetypal principles we can find in life:  Death, birth, love, etc… just like planets are archetypal, Saturn, Moon, Venus.

Those archetypes are so powerful, they’ve became ingrained in our subconscious. Our understanding of life is based on symbols and archetypes.

The Tarot gives a window in this process, making it a very powerful tool for introspections. It enables us to unfold a map of symbols and archetypes with very detailed descriptions.

Deepening our understanding, Universal laws of analogy

The rules of analogy apply to everything that is life.
We measure something with a ruler but the length is not the object itself. This is a difficult point to grasp. We throw ourselves in the sizeable and then we try to reduce everything to our measurement tools, like sizing the universe with centimetres.

For we are like rail-tracks
Never meeting
And if we incline towards each other
The wagons of the heart will overturn.

Sherko Bekas, Kurdish poet (1940-2013)

This wonderful quote from the movie “The Human Flow” realised by the artist Ai Weiwei.
Art is an analogy to what is bigger than us. Beauty is a reminder. When it touches us, taking our breath away, we connect to a higher power and we forget ourselves for an instant, we become silent.

There is no analogy in true beauty, it just touches us.

Those two examples are painting on the Sistine chapel ceiling, painted by Michel Angelo between 1508 and 1512. This shows very well the analogy rules within all things. This rule is known for ages by religions and by mystics. This rule has been used since the beginning of time.

There is a deeper connection between our psyche and behaviour, language, religion, the alphabet and numbers. All those seemingly different things are part of a greater intertwined scheme

Thank you for your reading.
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Quantum leap and Tarot

The quantum field

The Higgs boson , one of the greatest discovery, prove that a quantum field exist, providing a much-needed actualisation of the standard model of particle physics, which means something special to the mystical mysteries of the universe, as much as mysticism is becoming a relevant to science.

The quantum field is a rather tricky subject to explain but in theory, particles are weightless and are acquiring mass through the quantum field. The Higgs field or quantum field can be seen as a safety net from which all particle are getting momentum, movement, a connection to time itself, which, in turns transmit mass to particle. Mass is not weight, and has a connection to gravity and time, matter itself.

I like to imagine the quantum field as a set of intentions, when ideas are becoming matter and action, when the invisible becomes visible and the timeless becomes now.
If something has mass, it has a gravitational pull, something like planets have, only on a different scale.

The law of attraction applies to anything that has energy. When you jump and land, there is a force attracting earth to you, and earth attracts you to her, making you land on your feet. Your own attraction force is negligible and weak compare to earth gravity, but nonetheless, it exist.

So many examples are analogy to what we experience as reality and are rather esoteric, it is a lifetime study. I like to think that all things are interconnected, and the Tarot, Astrology, quantum mechanics and particle physics are some of the disciplines that can be correlated to each other in meaningful ways.

How can it possibly work, it’s just a pack of card

Yes, right and wrong…..
The Tarot work very well as a system. It is “just” a pack of card with symbols on it, but once we see the Tarot as a whole, it becomes a system and new aspects emerge from the cards.

How …? If we see the Tarot as a universal truth, like gravity, mass, movement, and time, we can see those universal qualities emerge from the Tarot. Each card becomes a dimension within itself.
As a result, cards from the Tarot generate a force, we can call it : “an intuitive force” that resonate with your own intuition.
This force attracts your unconscious, and makes your intuition select the card you feel is the right one.
When we choose a cards from the Tarot, a spontaneous emergence occur, our desires and fears are instantly translated in the cards we choose. It does seem random, but your sense of truth speaks out and expresses itself within your selection. Your selection is then the projection of your own reality.
Many would say:” it is magical”, but now you know, it isn’t.