Full Moon 30-05-2018

This constellation is for the last Full Moon 30/05/2018.

The question was: “what will be the trend for the next 15 days, till the next Moon phase, the new Moon”.

The cards are :

  1. XIII or The Nameless Arcane, (Scorpio)
  2. XIIII or Temperance, (Libra)
  3. Queen of Pentacles,
  4. V or The Hierophant, (Jupiter)
  5. XVI or The Tower, (Sagittarius)
  6. XX1 or The World. (Pisces)

The general aspect

Beginning low and gradually going high, then an explosion from all directions to finally stabilise in blessing. The middle is clear, between the queen and the hierophant, both looking away from each other, both hand position mirroring the other position.

The reading

Reciprocity is the greatest gift life has to offer, life mirror death, silence mirror rhythm and everyone mirror another person somehow, even if only walking down the street. The polarity of living is the reflection of our boundaries and values. We resonate only when it matter to us and only when it matter to us can we change.

When we are able to look ourselves in the mirror we perceive the image we project to the outside. When we stop liking our own image, only then we realise that change must come.

Truly, the reflection is not me, neither is the mirror my enemy, but it helps me perceive and helps step out my boundaries. Might not be so comfortable though, but this internal revolution is coming nonetheless.

This deep realisation might be our salvation, the missing link to be able to transform, to be able to transcend our difficulties. The mirror is the fertile ground to grow new qualities, from the decaying old we stop embodying. If we all are mirrors, who is my enemy then?

True change is the gift of this full moon. It will transcend our values, boundaries and perception. It is a greater alchemy and a distillation to the very essence.

Our crystallised core and true values can emerge to radiate our true presence for harmony and unity, a great Achievement !

The total number of the quintessence is 15, the power of Mars and Aries is also in the reading. A lot of ego energy is available, might be a clashing of some sort, but then again, we it matter to us we change.

Thanks for reading,

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