New Moon 15-05-2018

This constellation is for the last New Moon 15/05/2018.

The question was: “what will be the trend for the next 15 days, till the next Moon phase, the full Moon”.

The cards are :

  1. XII or The hanged man, (Taurus)
  2. XI or Strength, (Leo)
  3. Knight of cups,
  4. III or The empress, (Jupiter)
  5. Knight of wands,
  6. Knight of swords.

The general aspect

A lot of tumult, movement, upside down, left and right, five animals and everybody is holding something. There is an outreaching or stretching quality in the air, something holds momentum in time.

The reading

The time has come take matter in our own hands, a creative reckoning is at hand. Earth offers everybody a chance to do the right thing, to make it right, we do have to take responsibility for the dangers human endeavours are producing.

The uncontrolled growth is a myth, we have control on the direction where civilisation, the horse powered motion, is going. It is a chance, a natural gift already obtained.

Instead of fighting nature with technology, we can integrate nature and science to higher purpose and survive the beast we created.

This is a leap of faith, unto the unknown, but there is common ground, each and everyone has a different gift to share. This is the fertile ground of Taurus from which changes are emerging with the fixed power of grounding, to stay for good (Leo is also a fixed sign like Taurus). It is the magic of the natural self, offering integration with our alter-egos.

The total number of the quintessence is 8, the power of Saturn is also in the reading. Saturn, Jupiter and Taurus ruled by Venus.

The rules will be bended or corrected, to accommodate the next evolution of our psyche, fear of letting go should become softer as we realise that our only wish  is to change for good. We need to shine like the sun does in Leo.

Thanks for reading,

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