Tarot readings

Effective questioning

The art of Tarot reading is very subtle and has a lot to do with using the right tools for the right situations.
– How can I improve my finances? is a very good question, though another way to ask the question might be:
– What does stop me from having healthy finances?
Asking the right and specific questions is key to solving problems. Different kind of spread correspond to different kind of questions.

It is possible to do readings through Skype, to arrange a meeting or with a phone call.

The Tarot spreads or readings

1) The Twelve houses Spread, look forward, what is coming into your life

This spread is a very old divinatory way. The cards are laid in a circle representing the twelve astrological houses, starting from 1 to 12. The cards are turned right away. If a major arcana card is turned then another card come on top of it, in the same house. The process is repeated until the top card isn’t a major arcana card any more, then we proceed to the next house until all houses are filled.

2) The 9 cards divinatory spread

This spread combine past, present, future with subconscious, conscious and higher self.
Questions about / energy surrounding

  • Choices
  • Important decisions
  • Get along with or resolving and improvement
  • To find a way or insight

3) The 4 cards spread

This spread is very useful with practical situations, to get to the heart of matter.
Questions about / energy surrounding

  • Practical solutions
  • Circumstances
  • What will happen if…
  • Why is this in my life…

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