Demystifying the Tarot, the science of analogy

The Tarot rule of analogy 

Symbolism in the Tarot is everywhere; It represents every archetypal principles we can find in life:  Death, birth, love, etc… just like planets are archetypal, Saturn, Moon, Venus.

Those archetypes are so powerful, they’ve became ingrained in our subconscious. Our understanding of life is based on symbols and archetypes.

The Tarot gives a window in this process, making it a very powerful tool for introspections. It enables us to unfold a map of symbols and archetypes with very detailed descriptions.

Deepening our understanding, Universal laws of analogy

The rules of analogy apply to everything that is life.
We measure something with a ruler but the length is not the object itself. This is a difficult point to grasp. We throw ourselves in the sizeable and then we try to reduce everything to our measurement tools, like sizing the universe with centimetres.

For we are like rail-tracks
Never meeting
And if we incline towards each other
The wagons of the heart will overturn.

Sherko Bekas, Kurdish poet (1940-2013)

This wonderful quote from the movie “The Human Flow” realised by the artist Ai Weiwei.
Art is an analogy to what is bigger than us. Beauty is a reminder. When it touches us, taking our breath away, we connect to a higher power and we forget ourselves for an instant, we become silent.

There is no analogy in true beauty, it just touches us.

Those two examples are painting on the Sistine chapel ceiling, painted by Michel Angelo between 1508 and 1512. This shows very well the analogy rules within all things. This rule is known for ages by religions and by mystics. This rule has been used since the beginning of time.

There is a deeper connection between our psyche and behaviour, language, religion, the alphabet and numbers. All those seemingly different things are part of a greater intertwined scheme

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