Quantum leap and Tarot

The quantum field

The Higgs boson , one of the greatest discovery, prove that a quantum field exist, providing a much-needed actualisation of the standard model of particle physics, which means something special to the mystical mysteries of the universe, as much as mysticism is becoming a relevant to science.

The quantum field is a rather tricky subject to explain but in theory, particles are weightless and are acquiring mass through the quantum field. The Higgs field or quantum field can be seen as a safety net from which all particle are getting momentum, movement, a connection to time itself, which, in turns transmit mass to particle. Mass is not weight, and has a connection to gravity and time, matter itself.

I like to imagine the quantum field as a set of intentions, when ideas are becoming matter and action, when the invisible becomes visible and the timeless becomes now.
If something has mass, it has a gravitational pull, something like planets have, only on a different scale.

The law of attraction applies to anything that has energy. When you jump and land, there is a force attracting earth to you, and earth attracts you to her, making you land on your feet. Your own attraction force is negligible and weak compare to earth gravity, but nonetheless, it exist.

So many examples are analogy to what we experience as reality and are rather esoteric, it is a lifetime study. I like to think that all things are interconnected, and the Tarot, Astrology, quantum mechanics and particle physics are some of the disciplines that can be correlated to each other in meaningful ways.

How can it possibly work, it’s just a pack of card

Yes, right and wrong…..
The Tarot work very well as a system. It is “just” a pack of card with symbols on it, but once we see the Tarot as a whole, it becomes a system and new aspects emerge from the cards.

How …? If we see the Tarot as a universal truth, like gravity, mass, movement, and time, we can see those universal qualities emerge from the Tarot. Each card becomes a dimension within itself.
As a result, cards from the Tarot generate a force, we can call it : “an intuitive force” that resonate with your own intuition.
This force attracts your unconscious, and makes your intuition select the card you feel is the right one.
When we choose a cards from the Tarot, a spontaneous emergence occur, our desires and fears are instantly translated in the cards we choose. It does seem random, but your sense of truth speaks out and expresses itself within your selection. Your selection is then the projection of your own reality.
Many would say:” it is magical”, but now you know, it isn’t.

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