New Moon 18-12-2017

This constellation is for the last New Moon 18/12/2017.

The question was: “what will be the trend for the next 15 days, till the next Moon phase, the full Moon”.

The cards are :

  1. XVIII or 18-the moon,
  2. VII or 7 of cups,
  3. VI or 6 of wands,
  4. V or 5-the pope,
  5. XVII or 17-the star,
  6. X or 10 the wheel of fortune

Fear is in essence change, we can’t explain it but nonetheless it brings motion to what was static. Within the mysteries of life, the mysteries of feminine receptivity, all feel the vibrations and warmth of daylight and starlight’s, it gives us inspiration and guides us through those difficult and dark times.

The power of kindness has been set in motion without denial of our dailies activities as we discover kindness from within. We might surrender to the joy of creating or co-creating happiness, for only when someone else receives our gifts, we feel complete.

Giving and receiving is a bridge between earth and our ideas, a true connection to ourselves and life. By joining thoughts and actions, we define who we are here on earth, we become part of a constellation as individual star.

The wheel of fate is halted, as cycles are ending and it is up to us to choose in which direction the wheel starts spinning again. The trend of this New Moon is a question to everybody:

Do you stay in the past asserting existing internal structures or dare to purify this future that will become history, our legacy ?

Thanks for reading,

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