Full Moon 3-12-2017

This constellation is for the last Full Moon 3/12/2017.

The question was: “what will be the trend for the next 15 days, till the next Moon phase, the new Moon”.


The answer goes as follows:
Self respect and inner contact, self-love and clarity is helping to get intellectual serenity, which is dearly needed as you might try to bring your ideas into the world, for it is the end of a bigger cycle.
The heart, as reach its fullness and need to take action in the world. To meet success much creativity is needed for only the most innovative ideas will be retained.
It is the hidden side of ourself that seeks expression for the first time, something that is not obvious but nonetheless unexpected and most welcome, it is a victory over challenges from which all things change, a secret revealed to other or ourselves.
The emptiness then becomes a joyous dance from which duality disappear and solutions to problems become obvious, beyond reasoning.

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