Astrology, the Hundredfold mirror

Evolution of the soul, the unconscious unleashed

The horoscope is the recorded time from which we draw our first breath on earth. It is the mirror of our physical self. “As above so below” is an esoteric paraphrase from the emerald tablet of the hermetic tradition.  This phrase states very well what astrology is, a mirror that reflect the inner and outer-worlds, working the miracles of one, a symbiosis.

When we are born into this world, the sky has a certain configuration. Therefore, when ordering a reading, the time and place of birth must be as exact as possible. Planets, the moon and asteroids are located differently if you are born in de US or in the Netherlands, even though it might be at the exact same time.

The universe is a whole, so is the horoscope. Human beings have an infinite variety of characters like music instruments can play an infinite variety of music styles. We do look like one another, to some extend, but each person is truly unique. Archetypes are manifested through behaviours as an ever-evolving stream of action, re-actions and states of mind. Like the saying goes: “you can never stand in the same river twice”. The mind, time and life are in constant ‘state of change’.

Even when we think we do not change, we are unconsciously making an effort to keep things the way they are, and this changes us into the keeper of “how things are”. At best we can become an authority but the worst keeps us banging our head on the wall.

In astrology: 2 systems are next to each other

  1. The house system : The external system or how life mirror our internal experiences, something happens in life.
  2. The zodiac sign system : The internal system or how we feel about our experiences, what is the state of mind.

There is many ways to analyse a horoscope, there is no right or wrong.
I use different techniques to read a horoscope, but the centre point of all readings is always the life purpose in the chart, the soul longing of the individual.
A person’s birth chart can be seen as a map to the soul evolution. Why are we here ? to do what ? what are we really longing to become, to achieve, to realize.

A horoscope is a holistic system; the whole is greater than the sum of all parts, therefore deeper meaning always derives from synthesis. By accepting that our existence isn’t a random mystery (as we like to believe) we can integrate our essential self and become whom we really intended to be by living our life.

Here is a list of the points and planets that are relevant to the evolution of the soul :

    • Moon nodal axis  : ” The soul longing “
    • Lilith, black moon : ” The repressed unconscious “
    • Planet Pluto and how to break out of our Plutonic fears (cracking Pluto) : ” Inherited wealth “
    • Cheiron : ” The healing bridge “
    • Aspect patterns within the chart : ” The planet conversations “

The fault in our stars

One of the greatest fall of Occultism is divert itself to an outside agent. In other words, everything unseen can be seen as we see fit.

How is it possible to see ourselves as the medium through which ‘the invisible’ manifest itself instead of outside of us? is it a psychosomatic state, an illness?

The reality is difficult to grasp but worth trying to understand.

In astrology we can map the stars to a very accurate reading of a person character. But it is vital to realise that nothing is set in stone and everybody possesses free-will, to the extend of his or her knowledge.

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